Organized Moving in Singapore – 16 Tips and Advice
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Organized Moving in Singapore – 16 Tips and Advice

What to do first to an organized a move in Singapore

The best way for a non-headache moving in Singapore is to plan accordingly and declutter items in your house with few steps as below. We introduce easy to follow steps for your house move in Singapore before engaging movers in Singapore. Here are our tips;

1. Reduce food supplies  – arrange meals so as to use as much as possible from the cabinet, empty the freezer. There is no point in carrying a few kilos of sugar, flour or large pasta packages with you. They are not small and light things (especially cumulative), so it’s worth thinking about it first.

2. Organize cardboard boxes  – preferably those with openings for comfortable carrying. You can buy them or ask them from the store or supermarkets. Remember to ask for alcohol cartons that are stronger and have handles. And use the cartons you have. Use cartons to pack printer, a sewing machine, and a coffee machine.

3. Buy vacuum bags for bedding  – bedding takes up a lot of space, which is why vacuum bags (such as where we suck the air with a vacuum cleaner) are irreplaceable when transporting it.

4. Prioritize your packing  – packing with priority is the best. For example, it’s better to start with books, documents that we do not need, backup sheets, seasonal clothes, tools, etc., and only then to go to the kitchen or bathroom. And in the kitchen, we also start with the things that will be the least useful.

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5. Start packing earlier  – we do not appreciate the number of things we have. Sometimes we try to throw away garbage on a regular basis, and make a selection of clothes and it seems that we accumulate what is unnecessary. With unnecessary stuff, you will get tired of packing everything. That’s why if you have the option to pack up much earlier, it’s the better before you engage a mover in Singapore.

6. Do not move with rubbish  – really moving is the best way to get rid of all the unnecessary things from home. We need to take every single thing and think about what’s next. At some stage, I came to the conclusion that everything that does not fit into the basic cartons, we throw away. It was not so cool, but the approach to everything “which comes in handy” is changing dramatically. The stupidest thing you can do is take things with you that you do not use.

7. Labels, labels, labels! – labeled cartons is a guarantee of finding your particular stuff in the boxes. We label in the most detail possible, including the room to which the box belongs to. Thanks to this we know immediately where to put them and there will be no clutter with the introduction.

8. Pack hand luggage  – one or two suitcases that will contain items necessary for the first night’s survival. What should be put in it? Basic clothes and cosmetics, saucer, knife, mugs, phone charger, etc. You can also pack the sandwiches for a romantic first evening.

9. Have a dishcloth on hand  – before you start breaking up with things, you need to clean everything, even if you wipe it off the dust. It turned out that the apartment requires thorough cleaning in all corners will be a good thing to do before you place a large cabinet and wardrobe so it doesn’t accumulate dust.

moving singapore

And here’s our 7 other tips related to what, where and how to pack:

10. When it comes to books and documents, they are the hardest to carry, so do not pack all into one large box, but break into a few smaller ones.

11. Separating fragile things from each other, you can wrap them in clean towels or clothes. You will save on bubble wrap, but if you have one at home, remember to use it.

12. To separate plates or glasses instead of newspaper-rubbish, use paper towels, which after unpacking we put away, and then normalize.

13. Just like when packing a suitcase, have fun in the laying, so that there is nowhere left free space and as many things entered the carton.

14. On the underside, it is heavy and upwards, which is lighter.

15. Use boxes and organizers that you had at home. It’s enough to put smaller boxes into larger ones, and you save a lot of time in packaging and unpacking, and you’ll also find everything without problems.

16. The clothes you keep on hangers are also best transported in this way. Just pack in covers.

We hope you enjoy our lengthy guide on finding right movers and tips for house moving in Singapore. If you are looking for the best movers service islandwide in Singapore, do contact us for an honest quote from our professional team. We provide all sort of moving/disposal/removal service. Check here for our services.

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