Movers Singapore Tips : How To Prepare For Removal
Movers Singapore

Movers Singapore Tips : How To Prepare For Removal

Movers Singapore Tips – Easy To-do List for Removal


How do you plan your moving with movers Singapore? Flabbergasted with so many things around the house or your office and don’t know where to start? Here’s a great to-do list advised by movers Singapore for all your need for removal and moving in Singapore islandwide. The first point of preparation for moving or removal is to set a detailed plan and schedule of activities, to prepare a list of tasks, things to buy and do. Our guide will help you with this before you engage movers Singapore. This easy planning will save you time and money.


At the very beginning before contacting movers Singapore, you should also consider whether you are moving on your own. Check if you have the conditions and the cost will be worth the effort. If you decide to hire a movers company in Singapore, review the offers and select the best one. Make an appointment for a personal consultation and valuation, which should be free. Book a convenient date as soon as possible with the right movers Singapore.


Check the route from point A to B and the area of the new place. Such information will be useful for the transport company and you before the transfer. If you are moving house, you may find that the first week after moving you will have to check the nearest grocery stores and food stores because access to the kitchen and equipment will be limited if your place is unfurnished.


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Few months before moving, start segregating things. Decide what you take, what you leave, and what you can sell, give it away or give it only to be thrown away. This way you will reduce the number of packages taken and avoid clutter in a new place. Moving is the best motivation to get rid of unnecessary things and start again.


Preparing Packaging Material for Moving in Singapore


If you do not want to use the help of movers Singapore, start collecting packaging materials and everything that may be useful to you during the preparation and the day of transport. Get the following item ready to prepare packing the item beforehand;

1. Lockable boxes (medium size) – Too small will be impractical, too big will be difficult to move. They must have a strong bottom. They cannot be stained and moist. It’s best to further strengthen them from the bottom with tape


2. Self-adhesive tape – the best will be transparent. Use a brown packaging tape for covering furniture and other items that can damage their surfaces and leave a layer of adhesive after peeling off. Use it to stick boxes.


3. Old newspapers, cuttings of materials, papers – perfectly complement the gaps between objects stacked in boxes. You can also wrap the fragile item with them.


4. Paper for glass and porcelain packaging – protects against cracking and cracking


5. Bubble wrap, Styrofoam, Styrofoam corners, sponge, foam – this type of materials you will get on the Internet, in building stores, at the post office. They are useful for securing furniture and delicate items


6. Stretch film – you can wrap it with furniture and large appliances


7. Vacuum bags or garbage bags – useful for packaging clothes, fabrics, bedding, and soft items


8. Corporate boxes with equipment – it’s best to protect devices


9. Sharp knife – useful for cutting and cutting cardboard, tape, film


10. Flashlight – it will come in handy if you have to find something


11. Dust cloth – dusty items are better to clean before packaging


12. Markers – they will help you describe the boxes


13. Backpack or bag – for hand luggage and lunch


14. Binder or folder with compartments – for the most important documents


Before you move, don’t forget to notify all the respective government bodies, utility companies and other official organization that sends you normal mail to your home/office address in Singapore. Here’s a list to track;


1. Suppliers: electricity, water, gas, cable TV, Internet, telecommunications and mail
2. Bank
3. Employer
4. School of your children
5. A lawyer if you use it
6. An insurance company whose services you use
7. Neighbors and friends.


Once you know the exact date of the removal, inform your old and new neighbors about possible inconveniences, such as noise, taking the elevator or confusion in the corridor. Thanks to this, you will avoid misunderstandings and show respect and kindness to the tenants in the new place of residence.


We hope you have a good insight with our simple to-do list while preparing your house/office moving in Singapore. If you are looking for the best movers service islandwide in Singapore, do contact us for an honest quote according to your need. We provide all sort of moving/disposal/removal service. Check here forĀ our services.


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