Getting Movers in Singapore? Read This Before You Find One

Getting Movers in Singapore? Read This Before You Find One

Movers in Singapore – Organizing & Getting the Right Service

Packing up your stuff and moving into a new place? Moving associate you with stress, fatigue, clutter and finding good movers in Singapore can be overwhelming, especially in this hectic Singapore environment. Moving does not have to be stressful if we take it with a proper plan ahead our schedule and pack smart as well as finding the right movers in Singapore.

Here are some tips on how to organize this within Singapore, and finding the right movers in Singapore –  all in the least disruptive manner possible. Moving can be organized independently or with the help of movers in Singapore.

Estimating the Size of Your Items – Before Organizing Movers in Singapore

Movers in Singapore

Where to start? It should be estimated how many things you have to take with you before getting in touch with movers in Singapore. How much and what types of furniture, how many boards or books (converted into cardboard boxes). It can be estimated that about 20 cartons with dimensions of 55cmx35cmx35cm are needed for a 2-room apartment. It’s best to plan ahead of your packing before you engage movers in Singapore.

You also should note the entire size of your items –  as movers in Singapore does charge accordingly what fits their truck or lorry. It also depends on whether you are looking for room movers, office movers or the entire house. Different movers in Singapore have different price range based on whether it’s landed house or HDB or room moving service, and also if there is any antiques, large music instrument like a piano.

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This information will be important not only for packaging (the number of cartons required) but also for the valuation of the removal. Additionally, it is worth to clean up your belongings and decide which ones should be thrown away and taken away.

If you are using movers in Singapore, all this information will be important in order to be able to choose the right service and the team to help. If you decide at the last moment to revise the list of things to get the movers in Singapore to move your stuff, this will only create additional costs, and above all, unnecessary stress and time lost in moving your items to another place.

Tips On Packing & Organizing – Arranging Movers in Singapore

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Packing with complete a set of cartons and plastic bags or use the ones provided by the removal company. We at Sgcheapmover provide free carton! Currently, many movers companies in Singapore have this in their offer but also there are few who charge them. Everything that is possible, it is worth to pack in cartons, because it makes it much easier not only to arrange and organize things but also transport itself. Books and boards should be packed in moderation. Know more on how to professionally pack your books before moving.

Heavy cardboard boxes with overpacked stuff can tear easily. A fragile item like electronic equipment and glass, e.g. vase, should be additionally protected with a bubble wrap. Carton with such items must also be marked, for example, “Caution glass!” Or “Delicate/Fragile!”. Separately pack glasses, porcelain, etc. It is best to wrap these things with bubble wrap or wrapping paper/newspapers.

Domestic appliances such as a fridge or freezer must be defrosted. Of all the equipment of this type, it is necessary to remove movable elements: shelves, grills, drawers. The equipment can be additionally protected with foil. Do you have planters box outside your home in HDB flats or your apartment in Singapore? Plants are best transported in specially marked boxes with openings so that the flowers have something to breathe. Here are good tips on how to transport plants.

How to Arrange & Pack Fragile Item – Before Handing Over to Movers

Movers in Singapore

With the sign that you marked on specific fragile items, the movers will take extra precautions when handling them – and you can remind them too before they load the items into the truck. Large furniture also needs to be carefully secured: close drawers (those that are not lockable, can be sealed with tape), stick the keys on the right furniture, remove all movable elements, such as glass shelves in the sideboard. Here a good reading on how to move furniture.

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If you plan to transport antiques, it is best to choose a company that has experience in this. The specialist in this field will draw up a list of valuable things and will be responsible for the safety of the item. If you have non-standard types of furniture, such as a huge mirror or piano, ask your transport company for it. The mirror can be wrapped with tape in the shape of the letter “X”.

Finding the right company can be done by calling the companies directly, sending emails, etc. You can also save time and stress by posting an ad on major listings marketplace like Carousell. If you prefer to organize and check everything yourself, it is worth paying attention to whether the company has a license to run its business and proper insurance. Insurance is crucial to protect your asset in case of damages due to unforeseen circumstances that may happen during the transport.

Check for Liability Insurance – Arranging Movers in Singapore

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Most moving company in Singapore do not provide insurance coverage for local move. Hence seek advise from the mover company if you require insurance coverage.

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It is also necessary to indicate whether the charge includes the transport of the items itself (a truck/lorry with a driver), and help in loading/unloading. The most important is effective communication. On the client’s side, this means: accurately describing the list of items to be transported and your expectations from the removal company, eg packing things, bringing things, etc.

The valuation of the move will be valid addresses and dates of loading and unloading, how many people will be needed to help, etc. It is important to know if there is an elevator in the building, this in Singapore is not a big deal, almost all HDB, apartments, and office buildings in Singapore has an elevator.

We hope you have a good insight on how to prepare before moving your asset to another place. If you are looking for a best movers service islandwide in Singapore, do contact us for an honest quote according to your need. We provide all sort of moving/disposal/removal service. Check here our services.

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